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Backyard Oasis (1)

After a long day of work, wouldn’t it be nice to come home and relax in your personal backyard oasis? Hello, my name is Melissa and I am the owner of Melissa LaRosa Interiors. Today, I am going to share some easy steps I use to create beautiful backyard spaces for my clients.


First things first – the clutter has to go. I know this is an absolutely dreaded task that nobody wants to do but I always remind my clients, if we can push through it and get it done, the end result will be worth it. Make sure the pool is maintained properly and there is no overgrowth of plants or shrubs nearby. If your patio is screened in, make sure that the screen has been pressure washed and all patio furniture is cleaned so that your light furniture or upholstery isn’t taking on a new hue. Families with children – I always recommend waterproof storage (not only for pools but weather, as well) for toys and  floats to keep things organized and clutter free.

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Another item on your to do list would be to make sure you offer comfortable seating. If you love to entertain, make sure your guests stay a little longer to enjoy some late night laughs. I always recommend loungers, chaise loungers and deep seating to allow you to stretch out and unwind for a more comfortable stay. Large cushions, ottomans and benches add extra comfort, storage and seating.

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The next step in creating a peaceful backyard retreat is to add a water feature. Whether it’s a koi pond, garden pond, bird bath or fountain, the calming sounds of water are a sure way to relax you and your loved ones. Another wonderful feature about adding a water fixture are the birds you will attract, which will be fun for kids and adults to watch together.

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Mother Nature provides us with beautiful sunrises and sunsets but one thing that could ruin a relaxing day is the sun making its way into your yard to heat things up. Especially for us Floridians, I think you will agree when I say shade is a MUST. Here are a few great ways to add shade without compromising the overall look and design of your retreat: large umbrellas, pergolas, gazebos, awnings and trees. These will not only provide shade, they will also become great statement pieces in your yard.

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One important thing I make sure to feature in all of my backyard designs is landscaping. Whether it is bold, colorful, aromatic plants or a calming zen-like garden, landscape is key to filling in large open spaces and tying them back into your design, creating a more cozy, intimate feel.

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Now here is where I come in and I ask the question where most replies are, “I don’t know,” which is OK. My question is – does your yard INVITE your guests to come out, have a seat by the fire and have a drink or does it say welcome to my jungle of clutter, cobwebs and chaos? Designing a layout and overall look to your yard is not easy. First, try and figure out what your lifestyle is. Is your family a ‘come, hang out while we bbq’ type of style or more of a ‘leave me in peace while I sit on the bench and relax in my garden’? If you at least know that answer, I promise the process will be easier than you think.

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One final element that I just love, is adding mood lighting whether it’s a fire pit or fireplace, tiki torches or tabletop fire elements. Fire is not only a great option for lighting, it also adds an overall ambiance to the space. Another light source, which is my personal favorite, is adding string lights. String lights will not only provide a soft glow but they also add great overhead decor for family and friends.

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Last but not least, adding decor combining beautiful colors, patterns and textures will allow you to tie in all of the elements of your backyard retreat. Decorative pillows, lanterns, rugs, pots, drapes, throws and tabletop decor are great ways  to share beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. I hope these tips help you in achieving a beautiful backyard space. We would love for you to email us some before and after photos of your backyard oasis that we can feature on our site.

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Thanks for tuning in and if you are looking for more tips, tricks and design advice with a little more about what’s going on at Melissa LaRosa Interiors, please subscribe to my monthly newsletter by visiting We look forward to seeing you again.



Many Blessings

The Larosa Family at Melissa LaRosa Interiors



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