The Beginners Guide To Tablescaping



First I want to welcome each and everyone of you to the Dolce Designs website. My name is Melissa and I am the owner of Dolce Designs. Today we are going to dive into the beautiful world of tablescapes.

For those of you that know me you know that I decorate the table for absolutely every occasion especially now that I have a little 6 month old at home. I think it really makes it fun and exciting to see our table transform for different events and memories including ones we make with our son.

Now I know the first thing many of you are going to say is I don’t have time or enough money to spend decorating the table. Tablescaping does take money if you want that high end out of magazine look and I would definitely recommend hiring a professional for big events to really make a statement for when your guests arrive however, I can show you a few tips and tricks to make your table look great for a quick get together on a budget. I will be showing pictures of different ways I transform my personal table at home, so let’s do this together…ready? Here goes!



Step one, make sure you have a clutter free table and it is clean and clear. I know clutter happens to the best of us even designers such as myself (yes I am actually posting my messy table lol)

23795786_1668182503225007_3558519555593674659_n This step is so so so important. Once you allow your dining table to become the multi-purpose and storage table there is no getting it back it will always stay that way no matter how many times you clean it. Get into the habit of keeping it clear and making it a dining table and dining table only it will make your life so much easier.

Along with keeping your dining table cleared PLEASE make sure it is clean, no one wants to eat on a dining table that has an inch of dust collecting on it. I don’t care how old your house or furniture is keeping it shiny and clean will always make it look new and fresh GUARANTEED. Take care of your house and it will take care of you like when your guests give you nothing but compliments on how lovely your home is. So now that step one is complete let’s keep moving.



Start with a base whether it is a tablecloth, placemats, a runner or simply the wood table as is and some fresh cut flowers.

Most times to showcase our table I love going to my local florist for some fresh cut flowers and just placing them in a jar or vase right on the table….yes, that’s it end of story it really doesn’t get any easier than that (I told you I would make this easy).

Another option is to create your own flower arrangements. I love going to the dollar store or ikea and grabbing some clear glass containers and selecting some simple neutral silk flowers to put in them that I can always use and pull from when I need them.



Start layering on your decor and seasonal items to your liking to create your tablescape.

For seasonal tablescapes I like to create a look right down the center of my table but I still like to keep it simple so that my guests can see over the decor and mingle with no obstructions during dinner. You can use your tree ornaments, bows and greenery to instantly make a tablescape at a minimal cost.

Now for those times when I am hosting an event that doesn’t involve dinner my table will take on all new heights….

I will use candelabras, tall wispy branches in a glass vase or tall candlesticks to add height to the table and really make a statement when my guests walk in (I always typically line my items straight down the table because of the shape of my table this doesn’t mean you have to.)

What you can also do which I have done often is use seasonal decor to add to your tablescapes for example, for fall I love snatching up some of those small inexpensive pumpkins and placing them on my table.

Other times I  find decor around my home to put on the table. Pictures of you and your family, wooden letters, flowers, stackable books, empty wine bottles and other items that you typically put in bookcases, hall trees or front entry tables are an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your table. This year for Valentine’s Day I did just that and in less than 20 minutes I had a beautifully staged table ready for when my husband came home.

So just like that in three easy simple steps you can create amazing inexpensive tablescapes in minutes. Then for those big events that you really want to make a statement for, give us a call we would be happy to help.


Thank all of you for tuning in and we hope you have just as much fun setting those tables and creating memories as I do. From our table to yours have a blessed day we will see you soon!


Melissa L.

Owner of Dolce Designs.

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