The Ugly Duckling

4bucejxzOur latest remodel was a quaint master bedroom in sunny FL. When we started this project the room was lacking……..well everything. So where do we start? Well you know what they say, “out with the old and in with the new.” So we got rid of the old furniture and brought in some beautiful new pieces.

Before we moved the furniture in we assessed the bedroom walls. The walls were in rough condition, they had holes that needed to be filled and they were a dull eggshell color that was not glamorous at all. So we picked up our tools and got to work. IMG_1834

Time For A Little Elbow Grease

First we cleaned the room and covered the carpets with tarps and old sheets to protect it. Next, we filled, spackled and sanded some holes in the wall. Once we chose the color palette that we wanted to go with we went to purchase the paint and our painting supplies. My all time, hands down favorite paint in the world is Behr Ultra Premium Plus. This paint is great for giving a clean, smooth coat and hiding imperfections on your walls. It is amazing to me how a room which had no life will instantly come alive with just a gallon of paint.

Switch It Up

While the paint on the wall is drying I like to switch things up a little bit, so I turn my attention to four metal squares that were previously used as wall art in the room but no longer match the new and improved colors that we are working with. The designer that I worked for when I first started in this industry would always say if something doesn’t match paint and start over. So I take my time to refinish and paint the wall art to match our new bedroom scheme. Now that I am waiting on the wall art to dry I go back to my main walls and do a few more little touch ups.


The Grand Finale

Now is my absolute FAVORITE part of this project, putting it all together and decorating it! So we clean up the paint, tarps and sheets and give the room a good vacuum. Once the cleaning is done we bring in the furniture. I like to wipe my furniture down before I put it back in the room regardless of how clean I may think it already is. Next we hang the drapes and the crushed silk fabric adds such a soft elegant feel to the room. The table lamps on the side tables add a finishing touch with some mood lighting to create ambiance. The wall art goes up and the decor is placed strategically to create a balance in the space and voila it’s like you are sitting in a model home! In the end, the room and all of it’s bling, shimmers and sparkles back at you just to say, “yeah it was worth it.” The Ugly Duckling room is now transformed into the beautiful swan it’s meant to be.


Thank you guys for joining us for this amazing remodel.

We love sharing our work and adding a sweet twist on luxurious design, good night and God Bless.

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